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NEW Video “Gambling In Denmark”!!

Hi, During my travel through England and Denmark, I recorded a lot of little videos. My friend Axel took them and made a great video for my song “Gambling In Denmark”. I am damn happy with it as it takes me back to awesome days of traveling. The song is taken from my debut album “MAJESTIC”… Continue reading NEW Video “Gambling In Denmark”!!

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Friday, I’m In Love!

Dear Reader, This Friday, well tomorrow, is a very special day for me. I am playing my “Hello ‘MAJESTIC’, Goodbye Berlin” Show and I hope everything’s is going alrighty. Yesterday Rich, Hadl and me had our practice and it went pretty great! I had a brilliant time and hope to be able to transfer some… Continue reading Friday, I’m In Love!

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Radio Show, “Vid-Site”, Record Release Party And Facebook

Photo taken by: Hi, There are a lot of things going on right now and I just wanna give you a quick update: 1. Tomorrow, well, Sunday, I’ll be on the radio at Radio Fritz. I’ll be visiting Christoph Schrag and his show “Unsigned”:  I am really looking forward to that show! 2. I… Continue reading Radio Show, “Vid-Site”, Record Release Party And Facebook