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In The Studio

Dear You, So Ku, Kay, Rich, Gunnar, Christian and me are in the studio right now. All these guys are my gang for the next days and it's so much fun to record with them. Honestly, we're really exhausted and tired. Due to technical problems we had to record late the last two days. But… Continue reading In The Studio

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Recording Pre-Production in Hamburg

Hiya Everyone, I’ve just arrived back in the country after spending a day out in the city to record some demos for my upcoming third album. And the great thing is that Christian Bendel, the most gifted photographer I know, was there with Loki, Julia, Kay and me. So we have some incredibly beautiful black… Continue reading Recording Pre-Production in Hamburg

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Last Four Songs

Dear Reader, Today Hadl and me recorded the last four acoustic songs for the album. As we didn't have two microphone stands, we had to improvise a little. So we just took a shoe rack and put the microphone in there. The recording went pretty well and all four songs were done in less than… Continue reading Last Four Songs

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Studio Day Two and Another Show

Dear You, Yesterday Rich, Hadl and me recorded the last four songs with a full band for the album. Next week I'll be meeting up with Hadl to record additional vocals and four more songs. I am so curious about the come out! At the moment I am thinking about how to put the album.… Continue reading Studio Day Two and Another Show

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Files Saved

Dear Reader, Good news! The files of our three recorded songs were saved. I am very happy about it. And I hope we can go our with our recording next weekend. This video of a Menzingers-cover is all I have for now: Maybe I'll be recording some overdubs during the week. Plus, I sent Henri… Continue reading Files Saved

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Studio – Day One

     Dear Reader,Today Hadl, Rich and me spent our first day in Rich's studio. We had a really great time. In about three hours recording time we recorded three songs. It was all live even the lyrics and I am kind of curious how it all will turn out. We are going to meet and record… Continue reading Studio – Day One

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This Weekend, Studio!

Dear Reader, This weekend I am headed to the studio with two friends of mine! One of them you'll find here: It's the first time I am recording these songs of my own, but we are going to have drums, bass and other instruments on it as well. Just for your listening pleasure, hehe. I… Continue reading This Weekend, Studio!