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Halloween And “New” Name

Hey You, yeah, You!! I have now changed the name of this "project" from Lookmumnohandsmusic to Zeki Min. The reason for it is that this is my very own name, hence it's much more personal. Especially as I am planning on putting out a record, I think it's simply the better name as it is… Continue reading Halloween And “New” Name

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This Weekend, Studio!

Dear Reader, This weekend I am headed to the studio with two friends of mine! One of them you'll find here: It's the first time I am recording these songs of my own, but we are going to have drums, bass and other instruments on it as well. Just for your listening pleasure, hehe. I… Continue reading This Weekend, Studio!

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Seattle And Vancouver And Recording In November

Dear Reader, We've been sorting things out for the recording next month. So, it's really gonna happen on two weekends and I am quite psyched! I am so looking forward to recording with Rich and Hadl! Here are some photos taken in Seattle and Vancouver. As I said, Seattle, besides Ebbets Field and Filson, is… Continue reading Seattle And Vancouver And Recording In November

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Black And White Berlin – Another Walk Through Berlin

Dear Reader, Last weekend we walked through Berlin. We tried to choose only streets that we haven't walked before. We felt like tourist in our own city, which was great! All in all, we walked about 18km and visited an old abandoned factory in Mitte. Here are some impressions of our journey. Enjoy, zeki -… Continue reading Black And White Berlin – Another Walk Through Berlin