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Denmaaaark – Copenhagen to Aalborg

Tourist tip no. 1: Lose your city map! The canvas for Denmark is not empty at all, As I've been here before, There are mighty midgets and Stars burning stripes. Let's see what will be added to this already colorful painting. Yet, all is grey still, Because the rain followed me from Bremen to Copenhagen,… Continue reading Denmaaaark – Copenhagen to Aalborg

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Swindon And The Way Home

  Behave at the bee hive, But it's quite easy, As every person here is so damn friendly. We're in Swindon, Ceri, Paj, Plummie and Andy, It's been a long year, Great to see you again. Touring, For fun I do it, For the love of music, But that's just one piece, Meeting old friends,… Continue reading Swindon And The Way Home

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Oxford – A Beautiful Village

Up the street, Down the street, This town's a village, And I love it already! Bricks and bricks and even more bricks, Christian bookshops, Where I spent no money, Students are taking over, They are the blood running through the city's veins. The Magic Cafe, A gorgeous place, Vegetarian food at its best, Hope to… Continue reading Oxford – A Beautiful Village

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Plymouth – Our Home For Today

Oh, I needed the sleep, And got what I needed, Sam's sofa is as comfy as the green grass in the park at Walthamstow Central, And here I lie, Don't sleep, don't sleep, All your belongings are this backpack, And so I don't sleep. Change of plans, Not in London tonight, But in Plymouth, Not… Continue reading Plymouth – Our Home For Today