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“Be Silly, Be Kind, Be Weird!” – New Video

Dear Reader, Times are not that good right now. We all have our personal struggles. To cheer you and myself up, here is the first video for the first single of my upcoming album "HERE“. Friends of mine sent me videos of their wonderful kids dancing to the song and this uplifting video was born… Continue reading “Be Silly, Be Kind, Be Weird!” – New Video

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The Moon

Hi You!  I haven't written something here in a short while. But after experiencing this, I just felt the urge to do so again.  Here are some impressions of Norderney. The atmosphere and depth of the nothingness is really hard to capture with a phone camera. But still, I hope these photos inspire you to… Continue reading The Moon

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10000 Impressions Of The Vegan-Café Tour 2015

Hello, I don’t know where to start to say thank you to all the incredible people Julia, Loki and me have met on our tour! I’ve taken 10000 photos of all the great cafés. All of them are just so different but the one thing that unites them all is the love and detail that’s breathing… Continue reading 10000 Impressions Of The Vegan-Café Tour 2015

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Bremen And Münster – LISTEN TO “MAJESTIC”

Holaa! Bremen is the place where I am originally from. We picked probably one of the worst days in the year to play the Gondi, a lovely place! However, the temperature barely climbs higher than 30 degrees in Bremen and today it did. We watched the Badeinsel-Regatta on the Weser.  Yet it was just too… Continue reading Bremen And Münster – LISTEN TO “MAJESTIC”