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On Tour Again! 

Hi Everyone, The first two shows this year with Gunnar were wonderful! We had a beautiful time in Kiel and Itzehoe! Thanks everyone for coming out and having a good time.  Here are some photos, John Allen took in Kiel, thank you so much!  I am writing as I'm lying on Ben Hermanski's sofa, just… Continue reading On Tour Again! 

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Hello 2017 – First Shows This Year

Hi Everyone! My first shows this year I will be playing with the wonderful Gunnar Vosgröne on Cello. Here are the dates: 13.01.17 KIEL - Schaubude 14.01.17 ITZEHOE - JUZ Am Holzkamp Come by and have a good time. Maybe I’ll be playing electric guitar as well. I don’t really know yet. I have just… Continue reading Hello 2017 – First Shows This Year

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Teachers On Tour pt. 2 – A Snake By The Sea

Hi there The first four shows couldn't have been any more different than these. While I was waiting on Chris at Hamburg's main station, I looked at some graffitis on the trains passing by. I've always loved how graffiti can put a little more color into an otherwise dull environment. Thanks for putting a smile… Continue reading Teachers On Tour pt. 2 – A Snake By The Sea