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Walks and Quits

Dear Reader, 2018 is here, incredible, and I have quit Facebook. Never really liked it, so I thought, why have it. I don't make any money doing this and can simply do what I like, so I quit it. Still, I will keep posting here more. Just recently I re-discovered my old Sony cam and… Continue reading Walks and Quits

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Vegan-Café Tour Coming Up + Impressions Of A Wayfarer

Hi there, The next upcoming shows are the Vegan-Café Tour: The people from were so sweet to send me some goodies that’ll be giving away on the tour. So come by and get some cookbooks or other great stuff!!! Thank you!!! The last few weeks I’ve been up and around in different cities… Continue reading Vegan-Café Tour Coming Up + Impressions Of A Wayfarer

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This Weekend, Studio!

Dear Reader, This weekend I am headed to the studio with two friends of mine! One of them you'll find here: It's the first time I am recording these songs of my own, but we are going to have drums, bass and other instruments on it as well. Just for your listening pleasure, hehe. I… Continue reading This Weekend, Studio!

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Black And White Seattle

Dear Reader, After Portland we went straight to Seattle. As the city was so loud, I can't say I liked too much. Compared to Portland it was not so great but I really liked the bike hockey at night. Hope you enjoy the photos. Please feel free to comment or like the post. Zeki -… Continue reading Black And White Seattle