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“Be Silly, Be Kind, Be Weird!” – New Video

Dear Reader, Times are not that good right now. We all have our personal struggles. To cheer you and myself up, here is the first video for the first single of my upcoming album "HERE“. Friends of mine sent me videos of their wonderful kids dancing to the song and this uplifting video was born… Continue reading “Be Silly, Be Kind, Be Weird!” – New Video

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Long Time Coming

Dear Reader, I haven’t written anything here in a while. But the concert list is updated now and I’ve played some more shows this year. Plus, I’ve been mixing my album all this time, well Kay has done that actually. Now we’re finishing it finally and yeah. Then it’s going to the press and will… Continue reading Long Time Coming

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A New Album And A Beautiful Wall And A Watering Can

Hi There!! A beautiful wall and a watering can is all you need. Here are some fun photos. Plus, I’ll be recording in three weeks! I’m looking forward to having great musicians and brilliant people doing it with me! Gunnar will be playing the Cello, Soku the Violine, Rich will be hitting things as usual,… Continue reading A New Album And A Beautiful Wall And A Watering Can

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Holidays in Bremen – The Last Days Of 2013

Dear Reader, Here are some photos I've taken during my stay in Bremen. At the moment I am recording some vocals for the album. It's taking more and more form and I really dig the stuff I've heard by now. Hadl is doing a great job as always!! Thanks so much, buddy! "Büffel and Torte… Continue reading Holidays in Bremen – The Last Days Of 2013

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Recording, Concerts And The Last Hornet

Hi There, I am in the midst of recording my first solo album. Hadl and me try to use every free minute that both of us share to record guitars and vocals. I thank Hadl so much for doing this, as I know it's very exhausting to record an album while having a full-time job…… Continue reading Recording, Concerts And The Last Hornet

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Last Four Songs

Dear Reader, Today Hadl and me recorded the last four acoustic songs for the album. As we didn't have two microphone stands, we had to improvise a little. So we just took a shoe rack and put the microphone in there. The recording went pretty well and all four songs were done in less than… Continue reading Last Four Songs