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Garden Tools and Upcoming Tour

Dear Reader, For my upcoming tour I have some special merchandising. I always wanted to have some useful things and not t-shirts and stuff everyone already has. Sooooo here we go: From left to right: 1. 8 Gigabyte USB Stick with my three albums on it and a beautiful wooden box. Boooyaka! 2. a three-piece… Continue reading Garden Tools and Upcoming Tour

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Würzburg Pt. II – A Comedy Night At The Denckler

Dear You! I don't have much time to write as there is a long drive ahead of us, so very quickly. Jaaaahm and me had a wonderful, adventurous and straining day in Würzburg. We walked, hiked and hiked again. 17 km altogether with a lot of ups and downs. Here are some photos of our… Continue reading Würzburg Pt. II – A Comedy Night At The Denckler

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Recording, Concerts And The Last Hornet

Hi There, I am in the midst of recording my first solo album. Hadl and me try to use every free minute that both of us share to record guitars and vocals. I thank Hadl so much for doing this, as I know it's very exhausting to record an album while having a full-time job…… Continue reading Recording, Concerts And The Last Hornet