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Ready To Go – Quick Information On The “MAJESTIC TOUR”

Sammy and me went on a boat trip with my former 7th, now 10th graders, yesterday. It was such great fun!!! Today Sammy is gonna record one or two songs at Rich’s, where we are staying. And tomorrow we’re already leaving for the tour.  Here are all the dates for the “MAJESTIC - TOUR":  10.07.14 DÖBELN… Continue reading Ready To Go – Quick Information On The “MAJESTIC TOUR”

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Broken Glasses And Another New Song

Hi there, Here are the latest updates: 1. What looks like a construction kit for glasses appears to be my broken glasses. I broke them walking over them at night. That’s so sad!!! 2. Chuck Ragan, Crazy Arms and me gave an interview for the same website, please click here for the complete read:… Continue reading Broken Glasses And Another New Song

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NEW Video “Gambling In Denmark”!!

Hi, During my travel through England and Denmark, I recorded a lot of little videos. My friend Axel took them and made a great video for my song “Gambling In Denmark”. I am damn happy with it as it takes me back to awesome days of traveling. The song is taken from my debut album “MAJESTIC”… Continue reading NEW Video “Gambling In Denmark”!!

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Recording Is Finished & The New Look

Dear Reader, Right at the time when I finished the recording of my upcoming debut "MAJESTIC", I also gave my website a new look. I hope you like the summery colors. I also think it's much clearer now, with more things on first sight. PLUS, I also added a small music player, where you can… Continue reading Recording Is Finished & The New Look

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Berlin – Schokoladen & Berlin – Ramones Museum

Dear Reader, Fabi and me played our last show of our little four-concert tour on Wednesday in Berlin. It was surprisingly crowded and the atmosphere was great, not only for a Wednesday night in Berlin. I love the Schokoladen and hope to be back soon to play or watch a show there! I said see-you-soon… Continue reading Berlin – Schokoladen & Berlin – Ramones Museum

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Magdeburg, Emden And Kassel – Searching For THE TRUTH

Dear Reader, Here is my little diary of the four days and four nights with Mr. Fabi, aka THE TRUTH ( We had the idea of playing some shows together, and so we did. Funnily, we only actually met on Thursday, the day of our departure to Magdeburg. However, from the first moment, it was… Continue reading Magdeburg, Emden And Kassel – Searching For THE TRUTH