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NEW Video “Gambling In Denmark”!!

Hi, During my travel through England and Denmark, I recorded a lot of little videos. My friend Axel took them and made a great video for my song “Gambling In Denmark”. I am damn happy with it as it takes me back to awesome days of traveling. The song is taken from my debut album “MAJESTIC”… Continue reading NEW Video “Gambling In Denmark”!!

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Photos From My Last Trips To England And Denmark

Dear Reader, During my last two trips to England and Denmark I took a lot of photos. I had such a great time and here is a small selection of impressions: LONDON "Peugeot - Father And Son" "My album title on wood…" "Taking the city back!" "I love book shops - Good one here" "That's… Continue reading Photos From My Last Trips To England And Denmark

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Denmaaaark – Copenhagen to Aalborg

Tourist tip no. 1: Lose your city map! The canvas for Denmark is not empty at all, As I've been here before, There are mighty midgets and Stars burning stripes. Let's see what will be added to this already colorful painting. Yet, all is grey still, Because the rain followed me from Bremen to Copenhagen,… Continue reading Denmaaaark – Copenhagen to Aalborg