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The Last Tour

Dear Reader, I'm here in Freiburg sitting on my mattress for last night thinking about the last days of this tour. I'm so grateful for every moment that I experienced! I just wanna day thank you to each and every person who put up a show, let me sleep on their sofa, mattress, kitchen floor,… Continue reading The Last Tour

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Hildesheim on a Wednesday

Dear Reader, Tomorrow I'm off to Hildesheim to play the Campus Fest 2018. I'm looking forward to play the Green Stage at 6 pm because green is an awesome color! Hope to see you there and have a chat. Peace and Love, Zeki Min By the way here are some random photos I took, I… Continue reading Hildesheim on a Wednesday

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Switzerland, Downs and Ups

Dear Reader, Switzerland was full of adventures and we had a wonderful time. The first show in St. Gallen needs no words as it was just the worst show I've ever played probably, and I've played some bad ones... The second show in Wangen was loud but great as Freddie, Pamela and the whole crew… Continue reading Switzerland, Downs and Ups

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Köln – Why I Do This

Dear You, After an incredible breakfast Jenny made for Commie and me, we were headed straight to Cologne. I left Commie to get home, it was so great meeting you again my friend.  When I arrived at Stephan's and Maike's wonderful flat it was that early, I honestly didn't feel like playing a show. But… Continue reading Köln – Why I Do This