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“Be Silly, Be Kind, Be Weird!” – New Video

Dear Reader,

Times are not that good right now. We all have our personal struggles. To cheer you and myself up, here is the first video for the first single of my upcoming album “HERE“. Friends of mine sent me videos of their wonderful kids dancing to the song and this uplifting video was born – Enjoy!


The next shows on my schedule are here:

“I AM HERE” – Record Release Solo – Tour:

16.03.18 BRAUNSCHWEIG – Riptide

17.03.18 HAMELN – Freiraum

18.03.18 BAD ESSEN – Manatee Secret Show

19.03.18 WÜRZBURG – Denckler

20.03.18 WÜRZBURG – Nähcafé Edeltraut

21.03.18 KARLSTADT – Café Denkmal

22.03.18 TRIER – Lucky’s Luke

23.03.18 ZELL – Living Room Show

24.03.18 KOBLENZ – Living Room Show

25.03.18 DORTMUND – Living Room Show


May all beings know peace, Zeki



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