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Garden Tools and Upcoming Tour

Dear Reader,

For my upcoming tour I have some special merchandising. I always wanted to have some useful things and not t-shirts and stuff everyone already has. Sooooo here we go:

From left to right:

1. 8 Gigabyte USB Stick with my three albums on it and a beautiful wooden box. Boooyaka!

2. a three-piece set of garden tools for you to get busy in your favourite place in spring. Oh Yeah!

3. a wooden pocket knife. Comes in handy when you’re lost in the wild. Can be useful in the concrete jungle as well. Bangarang!!!

As I said useful was a keyword for me and avoiding plastic as well.

All these things will only be available on my shows and they won’t appear in the online shop.

Ah, and my new album will also be available on the tour of course!

Here are the dates for my upcoming tour:

16.03.18 BRAUNSCHWEIG – Riptide

17.03.18 HAMELN – Freiraum

18.03.18 BAD ESSEN – Manatee Secret Show

19.03.18 WÜRZBURG – Denckler

20.03.18 WÜRZBURG – Nähcafé Edeltraut

21.03.18 KARLSTADT – Café Denkmal

22.03.18 TRIER – Lucky’s Luke

23.03.18 ZELL – Living Room Show

24.03.18 KOBLENZ – Living Room Show

25.03.18 DORTMUND – Living Room Show

Come by and hang, listen to the new songs, have a drink and have a chat about permaculture and the wonderful world.

Much Love – Zeki Min


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