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Switzerland, Downs and Ups

Dear Reader,

Switzerland was full of adventures and we had a wonderful time.

The first show in St. Gallen needs no words as it was just the worst show I’ve ever played probably, and I’ve played some bad ones…

The second show in Wangen was loud but great as Freddie, Pamela and the whole crew of the Horns and Crowns were just lovely!

The last show, organized by my friend Andy was a really beautiful show and made up for the other ones easily. The concept was for everyone to wear those blinds you get on the plane, so you can’t see anything. It was a unique experience for me, as a listener and as a musician as well, as I played completely blind too.

Vögi, thank you so much for bringing me here again and making this possible. It means a lot to me!!!

Here are some impressions of the audience being led into the location.

And here they’re sitting in front of the stage.

Here is me playing blindly.

We also had a great time using this trip as vacation for us and our dogs. Here are some photos I took during the trip. By the way, Trogen is a wonderful little place, go there!!!

Next up is the record release tour. The albums aren’t here yet, so I hope they won’t be here too late. Ah, and here is the trailer for the album:

Have a good one everybody!

Best regards and may all beings know peace, Zeki


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