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Next Stop Switzerland

Dear Reader,

After that wonderful first show this year, the next shows take me way down south. It’s rarely that I get that far down, so please come by and say hello! Would love to meet and have a drink and a chat.

Here are the dates:

01.02.18 ST. GALLEN (CH) – Süd Bar

02.02.18 WANGEN im ALLGÄU – Horns & Crowns Bar

03.02.18 SECRET SHOW (CH)

See you soon and enjoy the warmer days coming up.

May All Beings Know Peace

– Zeki Min


2 thoughts on “Next Stop Switzerland

  1. Zeki- had the best surprise today…came home and had a package waiting for me. I played ‘Majestic’ for my wife and young kids (Conner and Kate, 5 and 3) and it is a beautiful album. ‘Wherever I may roam’ is a masterpiece..the whole album really. And I trust you know ‘Shiner’ will be played nonstop in my car. All the best from Tennessee. Peace for all beings, indeed! Cheers Zeki!!
    Your friends, Andrew and Lori

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