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Walks and Quits

Dear Reader,

2018 is here, incredible, and I have quit Facebook. Never really liked it, so I thought, why have it. I don’t make any money doing this and can simply do what I like, so I quit it.

Still, I will keep posting here more. Just recently I re-discovered my old Sony cam and started taking real photos again.

So, I’ll keep posting photos I’ve taken and news for anyone who is interested in my music and concerts.

Firstly, here are the shows for January and February:

20.01.18 ACHIM – Cato Bontjes van Beek Gymnasium

01.02.18 ST. GALLEN (CH) – Süd Bar

02.02.18 WANGEN im ALLGÄU (CH) Horns & Crowns Bar

03.02.18 SECRET SHOW

There’s so much more coming up this year, so check the concerts page for all shows.

Here are some photos from my last walks:

I hope you all enjoy the mud season.

Best regards, Zeki Min


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