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Worpswede – Home

Dear You,

I arrived home safely. I’ve just come to realize what a great tour this was. And this is only because of the greatest people that support musicians and people like me. Here are some photos I would like to say thank you with. Sadly I don’t have photos of all the incredible people who helped us, but you know who you are. Next time I’ll make sure to take more of these photos. It’s just that when I really enjoy something, the last thing I think about is taking pictures. So, I’m sorry! 

Lüder and Maren in Müden!

Gabi in Zell!

Christina and Sascha in Zell!

Hotze, Fabi and the complete SDIYG Shows crew and Michael in Trier!

Mimmi, Chris and Chami and all his friends in Mar- äh Würzburg! 

Rieke, Mausi, Kathrin, Friedel and Jogi in Bad Essen!

Nicole in Hameln! 

Svenja and André in Magdeburg! 

And last and least, haha, the Jaaaahm for running with me! I had the best time my friend!!! 

Peace, always,

– Zeki Min


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