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Müden (Örtze) – This Is Müden (Örtze)

Dear You!

We arrived in Müden (Örtze) after a five and a half hour drive. This place is so beautiful! If you have never been here, you have to come and visit this place, it’s such a cool place! I love it. 

My internet connection is really bad right now, so I can’t upload a lot of photos but we walked around the Heide Lake and it was so good. 

The Müllernkontor is an awesome shop with a selected range of well-made products. Very important is the aspect of regional production! All the products are made in Lower-Saxony or Hamburg. Maren and Lüder have a wonderful eye and the products all also look beautiful and they can provide a lot of insight into the making process of the commodities as well. And they are just overall super nice and great people! Maren made chili sin carne for us which was delicious. 

The concert was small but really beautiful. I had a wonderful time and had the feeling everyone also enjoyed it. 

I will upload more photos of the Kontor and the concert within the next few days when I have a proper connection. 

Peace, always,

– Zeki Min


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