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Trier – A Religious Evening With … 

Dear You,

I love Trier. It simply makes me shine and this was a heaven of an evening and night. 

We arrived in Trier at about 4 pm and walked around the city, took a nap by the Basilica, did some sight-seeing and ate some glorious ice-cream. It was perfect for a little charge of batteries to start the mission in the evening. 

The evening and night at the Marples was not your typical silent night but rather rowdy and loud but really cool! I enjoyed it very much and I think a lot of people found the way to the true Lord this night. The biggest hug and thanks to the complete SDIYG Shows crew, Michael for letting us sleep in his beautiful house, the Miss Marples crew for making us feel home and letting us dj a bit and the wonderful East Ends for being such a great band! I knew Tim before but met Ralf and Stefan for the first time. It was an evening full of moving epiphanies. 

Here are some impressions of these clerical encounters:

This was our bed for the night. 

By the way I never knew that Vicky Leandros was such a big fan of me!!! 


And peace, always,

– Zeki Min 


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