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Würzburg Pt. II – A Comedy Night At The Denckler

Dear You!

I don’t have much time to write as there is a long drive ahead of us, so very quickly. Jaaaahm and me had a wonderful, adventurous and straining day in Würzburg. We walked, hiked and hiked again. 17 km altogether with a lot of ups and downs. Here are some photos of our adventures: 

Completely exhausted we arrived back at the Denckler just on time to prepare the café for the concert. It’s a beautiful and comfy place to hang out. 

The concert was very different from all the previous ones and a indeed a special one. But I had the feeling we all spent a wonderful evening here. Due to my exhaustion I was talking a bit more but it seemed a good fit for this kind of concert. It was a great evening and I enjoyed it very much. 

Here are some impressions of the comedy night:

Thank you to everyone who came out, Chami for organizing it all, all the friends of Chami who came, Joshi and Anis for this wonderful space. I hope to be back again next year with my new album, and probably in a better shape. 

Today we’re off to the old city of Trier to play the Miss Marples,

Peace, always,

– Zeki Min 


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