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Würzburg Part I – Another Beautiful, Beautiful Day And Night 

Dear You,

We arrived in Würzburg at the Edeltraud Nähcafé at about half past four. First we said hi to Julia and then went for a walk through the sunny city. Jaaaaaahm drank a wine on the bridge and I had a great vegan chocolate banana! 

If you have never been to Würzburg, let me tell you it’s a really beautiful place with a lot of interesting places and nice people. 

We met Charmi, my friend who I got to know last year and our host for two days, at the Radius headquarter. Charmi and his friends have a small but mighty bike courier service. When you are from here, you should check it out. 

Coming back to the Edeltraud, we prepared for the show and I’m really sorry that I forgot to take more photos, but please believe me, this was an incredibly beautiful concert. Thank you all so much for coming out and sharing  this special evening with me! And everyone who works at the Edeltraud for putting so much love into this place. I’m so, so sorry for breaking the lamp! 

After the show we went to the Kult to have a steak with French fries. I loved this so much last year so I had to come back for another round. 

Tomorrow we’ll be staying in Würzburg and go for a walk in the mountains. In the evening I’ll be playing at the Denckler. So, if you’re here, drop by! 

Peace, always,

– Zeki Min 


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