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Bad Essen – What A Day!

Hi everyone! 

It spoil this a little bit, this was the most wonderful day! 

We started off in Hameln with a dream of a breakfast in the garden that Nicole prepared for us. Nicole, it was so good seeing you again! We thank you for everything and hope you’ll be visiting us in Worpswede someday soonish.  

The drive was short and when we arrived in Bad Essen and we saw the house of Katrin and Friedel, I just knew, this is gonna be such a great day! Here are some impressions of a wonderful location, a superb concert and just an overall beautiful day. 

After the show Lucas (Wood & Valley) and me had a long conversation in the sunset and  took a quick dip in the tub to finish off this awesome day:

Thank you to Katrin & Friedel and Rieke and Jogi and everyone who came out and enjoyed this day with us! 

In the evening we drove to Rieke and Jogi’s place. We ate noodles with great homemade pestos. It was just wow! Thank you again for everything!!! 

Today we’re off to Düsseldorf! 

See you at the Butze! 

Peace, always, 

– Zeki Min 


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