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Hameln – A Very Weird Night


Jaaaahm and me were quite happy to visit Getränkefeinkost in Magdeburg before leaving for Hameln. Lukas, out living sat nav steered us right there and then even back to Braunschweig Airport, where we said goodbye to him. It’s always so nice seeing you again my friend!

By the way, here are some beautiful photos from last night in Magdeburg taken by Sebastian Vandrey:

When we arrived in Hameln in the afternoon, we said hallo to Nicole and then went for a walk through the beautiful city. 

The show this evening was very strange due to some technical problems and some human failures in the audience. But I still had a good time and I think the majority of the people enjoyed it as well. 

Today we’re off to Bad Essen to play an early Matinee. I’m really excited about the show and about the day as  the weather should be beautiful. 

Have a good one and enjoy the weather. I’m sure we will! 

Ne peaceful and respectful with eachother,

– Zeki Min


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