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Magdeburg – Silent Night At The Riff


After a quite long drive we arrived in Magdeburg. I fetched Lukas from the Braunschweig airport and met up with Jaaaaahm at the Riff. 

It was really great seeing Svenja, Andi and all their Friends again! 

I think the show must have been really weird for them as I usually am quite the talker. Well, this time I said absolutely nothing in between the songs. I’m sorry if that came out weird. I had a good time!

After the show we went for a quick walk through the night of Magdeburg. This is a beautiful city I must say. I always feel great being here. 

Today we’re off to Hameln to play at the Freiraum. We wanna be there early to walk around the city first. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and accepted my being weird this night. 

Love – Zeki Min 


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