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Köln – Why I Do This

Dear You,

After an incredible breakfast Jenny made for Commie and me, we were headed straight to Cologne. I left Commie to get home, it was so great meeting you again my friend. 

When I arrived at Stephan’s and Maike’s wonderful flat it was that early, I honestly didn’t feel like playing a show. But as all their really nice friends arrived and we had vegan cake and cupcakes, this quickly changed. It was really good seeing Büffel again after a while and catching up. I hope to you again this year my friend! 

Ben and me had a wonderful late afternoon at Maike’s and Stephan’s! 

By the way, Ben, I had a beautiful time spending the last days with you! The shows and the talks we had were inspiring to say the least. Let’s do this again some time! Ah, and thanks for holding the lyrics book of mine: 

When I arrived home in the country of the North, I was so happy. It’s always great being on tour, so you know how beautiful it is to be back home. 

By the way all photos are taken by Katrine Maximiliane! 

I love music for taking me places and giving me the opportunity to meet old and make new friends. This is why I do this. Just for the fun of it! Nothing more, nothing less. 

Peace always, zekimin


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