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Berlin – Last Day And An Old Friend

Hi everyone,

After having a great breakfast with Patzer, thank you for your enormous hospitality by the way, we made our way to this monster of a city, called Berlin. 

Probably the coolest thing ever was that Aleksey, who travelled with me through Russia in 2012, flew in from St. Petersburg to see the show. It was so great to see you again! You’re a little bit crazy still, big man! Really cool! 

Here are some photos of the show with Urte and Makken. It felt so right to do this together with them. I wanna do that every day now!!! Damn! 


The Ramones Museum is having some trouble with a neighbor at the moment and we wish Flo and his crew all the best with finding a new home as soon as possible. I live this place so much! 

I had a wonderful tour and I won’t be playing much until the end of the year. Will be writing some new songs instead, just visiting Hamburg for some shows. Would be great to see you around. I also thought a lot about merchandising and stuff like that. I decided that these shirts that I have will be the last ZM shirts. I won’t be making anything from new materials anymore. Plus there shouldn’t be anything with my name on it, except for the CD or LP. However, when I can come up with another good idea for the media, we’ll see… 

thanks and goodbye to J and J! Enjoy your tour! 

I am glad to be back home and back to work. I missed the kids at school but most of all, I’ve missed my wife and Loki! So happy right now. 

See you soonish! 

– Zeki


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