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Bayreuth – First Semester Parties and Cold Nights

Dear You,

I hope you’re all fine and enjoy your weekends and your lives! 

After leaving our home away from home in Karlstadt and Würzburg, we made our way to Bayreuth. It was the first time in Bayreuth for all of us and so we walked around and had a coffee in a nice small café called Kraftraum:

After the coffee we made our way to he flat of our concert where Christina was about to celebrate her leave of Bayreuth. Jakob was already preparing food of that I ate 4 plates. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the concert and to the party. It was lovely with you! 

After the concert we went to a first semester party of the geckos. It was fun to listen to killing in the name of and dance like it’s 94! I smashed my sunshades but it was worth it. 

This night we slept in a place where the heater was broken. It was cold. But Hannah was so nice to give us her little portable heater for the night. Thank you Hannah! Thank you also goes to Caro and Jakob for everything! It was great meeting you and hope to see you soonish! 

Today we’re off to Leipzig! Come by and hang with us at the Conne Island! 

Peace, always,

– Zeki 


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