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Würzburg – Nähcafé Edeltraud 

Dear reader,

Arriving in Würzburg, we made our way through this small student dominated city. Especially today the first semester took the the reigns of the town and we saw a lot of naked upper bodies that weren’t necessary. We were also hugged by a lot of people, and were asked to signed very “funny”petitions. 

 I don’t like shopping, actually, I hate it. But we were on hunt for a jacket after all. In the end we couldn’t find a jacket but Julius and me both bought hats. Haha. I found a 100% wool, made in Germany hat in black. Nice. Actually I lost it in the parking garage, where it must have lied for at least one and a half hours. I was happy to see it still resting there. 

Here are some impressions of our city trip and one of the best bakery’s that I’ve ever seen. 

Quartier 97:

The best bakery:

Our protectors: 

The first semesters:

Julius’ new boots:

The Nähcafé Edeltraud is a really comfy and beautiful café and women’s tailor. Everyone who worked there and attended the show was so super nice it was incredible. We had such a lovely time and the show felt also really nice. Here are some impressions of the café and the show: 

Julia and everyone of the café, thank you so much for letting us play! We had wonderful evening!

After the show we met up with Aylin, Silja and Daniel to eat a tasty steak at the Kult: 


It was a great evening and night in Würzburg. 

So, we’re off to beautiful Bayreuth today to play a Wohnzimmer show there! Write me an email for more info of the show!

– Zeki Min 


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