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Karlstadt – Café Denkmal, Home Away From Home 

Dear You! 

Who would’ve thought that a small place in Bavaria could do this to me. Karlstadt, from the first time I got here, it’s my third time now, it has instantly felt like home. And it’s all because of the Wiener clan! They don’t only run the Café Denkmal, they’re also some of the sweetest people I know. The newly added member, Daniel, fits in so perfectly, and that’s one of the sincerest compliments you can get, I guess. Haha. We had a wonderful time in Karlstadt and at the concert and here are some impressions (I forgot to take a photo of the vegan quiche which was excellent!):

The show also was amazing. JJ and me had a wonderful, wonderful time! 

Thank you Silja, Aylin, Barbara, Daniel and Fred! I’m sure that Christian, if he actually exists, is an awesome person as well! 

Today we only have to drive 30 kilometers to Würzburg! We’ll  play the Nähcafé Edeltraut there. So, come by and hang. We’re happy to have a chat and a laugh! 

– Zeki 


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