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Tarte Ort Hannover

Hi everyone! 

This is how JJ slept yesterday. So cute, right?! 

J said he was gonna wake up before me and now it’s me again being awake before all others writing something here. But hey, whatevs. 

Before we started from Magdeburg to Hannover, Svenja prepared a lovely breakfast for us. Svenja, thank you for everything, again and again! After we got ready for the little trip, Andi quickly showed us his work spot. And you know what, it’s a church, look at this! 

There was a classical concert going in and it sounded just like our show yesterday. Nice. 

Arriving in Hannover, Alex was already preparing food and coffee for everyone to come to the matinee show in his living room. This guy was like a little ant preparing and making stuff all the time. Thank you so, so much! The show was so much fun as everyone here seemed so nice. They didn’t even hate me for wearing my Eintracht Braunschweig scarf!! But really, it was the perfect Sunday afternoon show.  I really enjoyed that so much! 

Alex, thank you very much for doing all this. We felt very homely at once! 

Today our plan is to walk around Hannover hunting for a jacket for Jenny. And food for me. We’re gonna move to Karlstadt after that to visit Silja. I love this little town and am really looking forward to seeing her, Aylin, Daniel, their parents and hopefully Christian. If he ain’t a myth after all. 

So, our next shows are Karlstadt and Würzburg:

11.10. Karlstadt – Café Denkmal

12.10. Würzburg – Nähcafé


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