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Magdeburg – Villa: Cold

Hiya everyone,

Julius said he was gonna be the first to wake up but I’m up and already wrote a diary entry, so how’s that? 

In Celle Julius and Jenny (J&J) picked me up as promised. We had to unpack and repack the car for getting my stuff and me into it. 

When we arrived at the Villa a dragon awaited us in the stairwell. We all hoped it would warm up the place with his dragon breath because it was quite cold. But our hearts got warmed up by seeing Svenja, Olga, Andi, Gordon, Lukas and all the others (I’m sorry for not writing all the names here). It’s always great to be back in Magdeburg!! 

Thanks to Andi, Jakob, Marvin and Jul we could play a show in this beautiful place. Here’s a photo of J&Js show. I think they were reeeeeaaaally good: 

Julius accompanied me on half of my set and it was a lot of fun! I don’t know if he can play “free bird” or any Sepultura or Pantera songs but this was great! 

There were some folks at the show who were in expectance of a whole different show, as there is usually techno music on here, but I think the show went pretty well for a first time acoustic show there! I would love to be back some time. 

Ah and there were coconut mango muffins! Boooom:

After the show Andi and me walked to his place and I took these photos: 

I live to walk through cities at night. It’s probably the only thing I’m missing from living in the country. 

Ah well, today we’re off to Hannover to play the K38, Kniestraße. Come and hang! There’s gonna be lovely folks and J&J are playing beautiful songs. 

By the way, here’s the poster of my first Magdeburg show that Andi organized: 

Check the spelling of my name there. 

Peace, always!



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