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15 Shows Til September!

Hi there,

I’ll be rocking the road a lot in the weeks to come! Please come by, listen, have a chat and just enjoy life!

16.06.16 OSNABRÜCK – Kleine Freiheit

18.06.16 MAGDEBURG – Die Insel Festival

22.06.16 ROTENBURG – Villa w/ Sammy H. Stephens

23.06.16 BREMEN – Karton w/ Sammy H. Stephens

24.06.16 FLENSBURG – Volksbad w/ Sammy H. Stephens

25.06.16 EMDEN – Grusewsky w/ Sammy H. Stephens

03.07.16 KREFELD – House Show w/ Andrew Paley

04.07.16 ENKIRCH – House Show w/ Andrew Paley

05.07.16 MAINZ – House Show w/ Andrew Paley

06.07.16 LEIPZIG – Stoned Bar w/ Andrew Paley

07.07.16 BERLIN – House Show w/ Andrew Paley

13.07.16 BREMEN – Breminale (Himmlische Wiese/Jurte)

13.08.16 LITERMONT – Sommerfest

27.08.16 HASELÜNNE – Haselünner Bühnenfestival

02.09.16 BRAUNSCHWEIG – Café Riptide

Best regards,

– Zeki

2016-06-13 22.13.59



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