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First Mix And Watering The Phone

Hi Everone, 

I’ve become a bit lazy writing here, I know. And I sincerely apologize for that but there are just so many other cool things to do but spending time on the Internet. Haha. 

 Just wanted to give a quick update on the recording of the new album and other funky stuff. 

So, first things first, the recording was so, so, soooooo much fun! I’m really blessed to spend time with Soku, Rich, Kay and Gunnar! They’re awesome people and great musicians. I thought it’ll be all stress because we needed to record the full album in four days but in reality it was the opposite. We actually made it in three days only and could take the last day off. And yeah, we made mistakes and you can hear them, but the recording will be very natural. I’ve heard two raw mixes by Kay and I love it. 

And now you wonder why I don’t have any photos here? It’s just because I’m using my new phone as my old fairphone fell into water and didn’t make it out alive. It’s really sad because this phone was really good. I liked it a lot. Anyway, I’ll be posting some photos when I’m back home from my computer. 

Here are just some photos that I’ve taken in the last days walking through the city. 


By the way, I’ll be off to Magdeburg on Saturday for the opening of the Sinnlichkeit Festival. The last years the festival had other names but it was always a highlight to play and just to be there. Come by if you’ve got some spare time. You won’t regret it!!

I hope you’re all good!!

– Zeki Min


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