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“I Still Believe In Having Fun!”

This was my first official video made a year ago by my friend Roman aka. Ramon from Perm/Russia​. He held an old Super 8 Camera in front of his digital camera and filmed this.
Today, a year later, this video has more than 3000 views. This may not seem very much, but it means the world to me!

I wanna thank you for watching my videos, buying the record, listening to the music, coming to my shows, hanging out after and before, letting me sleep on your floors/beds/sofas, in your living room/kitchens/bathrooms/bedrooms/balconies/gardens, sharing your breakfast and making all this more than a worthwhile experience!

I’m getting this question a lot, and every once in a while I’m asking this myself: “Why are you doing this at all?”
I think it’s all in this video. Thank you Roman!!!

Best regards, Zeki


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