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Running In Circles Is Still The Greatest Fun!



The first five concerts and the days travelling this year were great!!

From Thursday to Monday, from Osnabrück and Essen, over Mannheim to Freiburg and Trier. Beautiful cities and beautiful people all the way!

I am blessed to have Julius from Travels & Trunks with me on these five days. We booked the shows together and had one blast of a time! I know, it’s hard with me sometimes but you kept your head up quite well. Haha.


 We started off in Osnabrück where we played a wonderful living room show in the wonderful living room of the wonderful Rieke and Lammi! Although Julius from Ravels and Bunks and me were quite nervous, it was such a wonderful, wonderful evening. We’d loved to stay a little bit longer but due to me having to work on Friday, we had to leave snowy Osnabrück on icy roads heading towards Bremen.


In Bremen, after work, we went to Bremen’s finest vegan café, the GREEN BITES! It’s a small and cozy place with a great variety of incredibly delicious meals. This Monday, meaning on the 9th February, Julius from Marvels & Honks is playing there with Commi from Complaints. A show I won’t miss for the world. It starts early so come by and eat and listen to two great musicians.


In Essen we played the Café Nova which is not a café but an awesome concert venue. On that particular date I had the feeling some of the audience wasn’t here for the music but maybe it was just me. Julius from Gravels & Chunks, Freder and me had a great time anyway.


I still think that running in circles is the greatest of fun!!!


Our breakfast with Henrik and Denise was awesome and they have a wonderful flat. Julius from Harvests & Junks and me had a good night’s sleep which we definitely needed.


Mannheim was way more beautiful than I thought it’d be. The Gehring’s Kommode is just such a unique place and impossible to describe. If you live in Mannem, you need to pay it a visit!!

The concert was amazing and strange at the same time. But a good kind of strange!

I hope we’ll be back some time!


We met Stolzi from Heidelberg there and he showed us some of the city which I really liked!DSC06540

When we arrived in Freiburg, it wasn’t sunny at all in Germany’s California. Nah, it was rather snowing all the time and Julius from Shovels & Snow and me were quite cold. However, we found a great kebab place and nice little café called Huber. It was my first time in the city but I need to be back in more summery days.

Laurin who put up the show this evening, booked us together with an incredible band from Graz, Austria called REMEDY. Please check them out. Those are incredibly fun people and wonderful musicians!!! Best band I’ve seen in a long time. So fresh and powerful and ahhhh just mind blowing!!! (

After the show we had a great party dancing into the night. It could have all been so nice, if it wasn’t for Laurin’s landlord to start grinding the staircase at 9 am. Yet another night with way too little sleep time.

DSC06544 DSC06541 DSC06546 DSC06548 DSC06549 DSC06550 DSC06559 DSC06561 DSC06562 DSC06592 DSC06607 DSC06609 DSC06632 DSC06642 DSC06652

Our last stop was Trier and it was as beautiful as the last time. It was great to see Fabi and the SDIYG concert group again and some new faces as well. Plus, for the first time Julius from Channels & Dunks and me met Commi from Complaints. Sleeping at Hotze’s flat was so great and Commi made us laugh more than once that day! I’d have loved to play some more shows with these dudes but work’s calling.


However, the next concerts are coming up in two weeks. I’ll be playing Geesthacht and Itzehoe with John Allen. Ah Yeah!


PLUS, the Vegan-Café Tour 2015 is fully booked! Yeah!!!

See you soon, Zeki Min


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