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“Yes, ma’am, I Am A Musician!”

Zeki Min - Poster, soon to come

“Yes, ma’am, I Am A Musician!”

Last Sunday Julia, my fiancee, Loki, our dog, and me went for a walk through a nearby village. We went into a little shop where I found a nice little handmade notebook. The shop owner asked me what I’d need the book for and I said I’ll carry it with me, wherever I go and write songs or ideas for new songs in it. She said: “So you’re a musician?” I answered: “Yes, ma’am, I am a musician.” She actually gave me a discount for the notebook just for knowing this.

That night Julia told me, that was the first time she heard me calling myself a musician, ever. I mean, to me, musician is such a big word. It sounds like someone actually knowing what she or he is doing, playing an instrument really well and, or being an incredible singer. I don’t know, being socialized by the punk and hardcore d.i.y. music scene, learning the instrument and singing all by myself, not knowing the names of the chords I’m playing and never having learned an accurate technique of singing, maybe always let me refrain from calling myself a musician.

However, I am playing music live for more than a decade now, I love to write songs, little stories, put them on paper, play my guitar to it and make them come alive. I love to travel, bring my songs to a club, living room, record store, basement, to your local pub, kitchen or to the beach. I love to sing these songs live, talk in between and meet new people. I mean really meeting them, not virtually, but in the flesh.

That’s what I love.

As a musician nowadays, you must be everywhere all the time. You need to feed the masses with stuff that is totally unnecessary and redundant. Upload photos all the time, post something new every day, so they never forget about you. I loathe this so much and yet I do it, but merely as much as I probably should, as a musician.

To me it’s all about songs. I’ll probably write songs forever and hopefully will be able to play them for people for some time to come. Really, I don’t care if there are 1000 or 5 people listening. The number of people attending a show doesn’t make this more or less important. Being on the road for about 10 years now showed me that the most popular bands aren’t necessarily the best ones. Still today I sometimes see bands playing in basements or living rooms for just a handful of people and I am simply blown away. In these moments I think the whole world should know about this band or artist, but they probably never will. And that’s fine, I guess.

This has never been about the fame and for sure not about the money.

It’s always been about the love for music. Writing songs, playing them for people, sharing memorable evenings and nights. Building a community of fellow people who share the same passion for music as you. How great is it that I was able to play shows in Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, UK, Italy, Austria and Russia, meeting wonderful, open-hearted people everywhere?!

You know what, I am damn happy to say:

“Yes, ma’am, I am a musician!”


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