An Ode To Scotland

Travel Time!!DSC05145Preparation for Scotland
DSC05204 Stirling Castle CemeteryDSC05221 This is the place where the Scots won the battle of 1314 over the English. They still seem to have not recovered from the shock of actually having won this battle. Braveheart led the Scots in this battle. On Sept. 16th the Scottish have a referendum for their independence from the United Kingdom.DSC05226 Panorama view from the Stirling CastleDSC05246Rumour has it that when vikings attacked Stirling, a wolf howled and warned the city people so they could defend the attack. So, a wolf is in the code of arms in Stirling. It still sits right above the Filling Station.
DSC05264 This is the over 700 year-old bridge that was fought over in the Battle of Bannockburn. DSC05268 There are dragons everywhere… Mostly asleep.DSC05278 This is the Wallace Memorial for Sir William Wallace aka. Braveheart.DSC05286 Riding sheep sheepishly.DSC05296 License to kilt.DSC05300 Take a close look. What’s special here?DSC05310 Somewhere it’s always raining. DSC05321Sancho the Squirrel
DSC05345 View from the Edinburgh CastleDSC05348 View inside the Edinburgh CastleDSC05351 We met Jesus.DSC05355He showed us his armory.
DSC05357I don’t know what that is.
DSC05358 No idea.DSC05359 While we were staying in Edinburgh, the Fringe Festival, World’s greatest street artist festival, was in full-effect. There were so many artists, they were even fighting for their place to have a show. DSC05364I can only show you the door…
DSC05375 This is my crib. DSC05378 Yeah, we even had rain.DSC05379 But there was more sun, really.DSC05382 No idea part 2.DSC05390 Nah, again.DSC05403This was our ride, 22 inches Giovana rims,yeah! 
DSC05405 This is Doune Castle where a nice surprise awaits you. The audio guide is spoken by one the makers of Monty Python. They even filmed a lot of “Quest for the Holy Grail” on this very location. And he explains how they did it. We had a great time here.DSC05423 This is the view from Doune Castle.DSC05445 Here we’re climbing Ben Aan.DSC05477 Nature in full-effect.DSC05485 Hello.DSC05503 The NSA (Natural Surveillance Agency) is everywhere.DSC05513 Almost there. In the back the rain is coming towards us.DSC05523 In reality this was just jaw-dropping.DSC05529 Down there is a castle. The white dot.DSC05533 Happy! DSC05538 Happier. The short way down.DSC05545 Up there, the little dots are people.DSC05551 When we took the photo, the big tree came down. But I was lucky, the other tree’s fork saved me.DSC05575 Owls by Nature.DSC05577Push and Destroy.
DSC05596 This is the Innerpeffray Library. One of the oldest lending libraries in Europe. They started lending books in 1680.DSC05607 Up there, where you can’t reach them, are the children’s books. This room was so beautiful.DSC05609 SportDSC05614 A map from 1600. We found Bremen in there.DSC05616 This is a church in Crieff. DSC05627Baby birds.
DSC05630 Drummond Gardens.DSC05642 Percy the peacock.DSC05654 Drummond CastleDSC05657 Tantallon CastleDSC05670Asleeeeep
DSC05677 Julia is so brave.DSC05740 I’m not as brave as Julia. Never. DSC05744 Our resting place. So comfy on the grass.DSC05749 Best place in the world.DSC05751 This happened after I came through. Need Proof?DSC05797 Here it is! DSC05799 Eating muesli bars on top of a mountain is fun!DSC05814 One last mushroom…DSC05836 Fog over Edinburgh

DSC05849Goodbye and see you soon Scotland!!!

– Zeki Min


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