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Ready To Go – Quick Information On The “MAJESTIC TOUR”


Sammy and me went on a boat trip with my former 7th, now 10th graders, yesterday. It was such great fun!!!

Today Sammy is gonna record one or two songs at Rich’s, where we are staying. And tomorrow we’re already leaving for the tour. 

Here are all the dates for the “MAJESTIC – TOUR”: 

10.07.14 DÖBELN – Café Courage

11.07.14 MAGDEBURG – Fort 12 / M-Trails

12.07.14 ARPKE – Juz Hinterhof Treff

13.07.14 KASSEL – Anne Ecke

15.07.14 WOLFSBURG – Jugendhaus OST

16.07.14 KIEL – Schaubude

17.07.14 ITZEHOE – Lauschbar

18.07.14 EMDEN – Grusewsky

19.07.14 BREMEN – Gondi

20.07.14 MÜNSTER – SpecOps

23.07.14 ROTENBURG – Villa

24.07.14 DORTMUND – Black Plastic 

25.07.14 KÖLN – Club Privat

26.07.14 HAMELN – Freiraum

Here you can listen to some of the new songs of my debut “MAJESTIC”:

We’re so looking forward to being on the road again! 

I hope to be putting up photos and giving you a tour diary of our adventures during the next days as well.

Big hug,

– Zeki Min

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