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Cutting Ties In Berlin And Being Unproductive And Senseless

SAMSUNGYesterday, we gave up our flat in Berlin, Neukölln. It was a strange feeling driving out Neukölln after having lived here for almost twelve years. Looking at “Libanon Falafel”, Berlin’s not finest, but best falafel, the Café Vux and all the other places that became so familiar in the last years. I’ll be back soonish… 

Right now I am preparing for the tour. Benni from Black Ink just made great “new” shirts for me. It’s the same shirt as you can see here (, just a new logo on the breast. I’ll take a photo soon. Again, the print is in a custom color, that Benni mixed just for me and it’s simply beautiful!!! Ah, and there are new stickers with the same motive… 

The last days in my old school lay in front of me and I am quite sad to leave it behind, especially the great kids here!! However, I am looking forward to Sammy H. Stephens who is coming to Berlin this Sunday, yeah! 

Here are our tour dates: 

05.07.14 HAMBURG – Rote Flora (Loss Of Breath – Fest without Sammy)

10.07.14 DÖBELN – Café Courage

11.07.14 MAGDEBURG – Fort 12 / Rotehornpark

12.07.14 ARPKE – Juz Hinterhof Treff

13.07.14 KASSEL – Anne Ecke

15.07.14 WOLFSBURG – Jugendhaus OST

16.07.14 KIEL – Schaubude

17.07.14 ITZEHOE – Lauschbar

18.07.14 EMDEN – Grusewsky

19.07.14 BREMEN – Gondi

20.07.14 MÜNSTER – SpecOps

22.07.14 Buskering

23.07.14 ROTENBURG – Villa

24.07.14 DORTMUND – Black Plastic 

25.07.14 KÖLN – Club Privat

26.07.14 HAMELN – Freiraum

I hope you’ll enjoy the hot weekend! Go out and do some things that are totally unproductive and senseless!!! 

All the best, 

– Zeki Min 



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