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Radio Show, “Vid-Site”, Record Release Party And Facebook


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There are a lot of things going on right now and I just wanna give you a quick update:

1. Tomorrow, well, Sunday, I’ll be on the radio at Radio Fritz. I’ll be visiting Christoph Schrag and his show “Unsigned”: I am really looking forward to that show!

2. I have just dropped another video. However, it’s really special as it is the first video-website (Vid-Site) ever! It’s a very simple idea and not much of a technical finesse but it’s working just fine. Be sure to check it here:

3. Please do not miss my record release party! At the same time, it’s my goodbye Berlin Party and I am incredibly psyched about it. On the one hand I am so happy to be presenting my debut record “MAJESTIC”, on the other hand, I am really sad to leave this city where I have spent almost the last twelve years.Flyer

 4. Last and least, I have finally given in to the temptation of using social networks and stuff. So, you can also like my facebook now:

– Zeki Min


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