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Photos From My Last Trips To England And Denmark

Dear Reader,

During my last two trips to England and Denmark I took a lot of photos. I had such a great time and here is a small selection of impressions:


“Peugeot – Father And Son”


“My album title on wood…”
DSC03844 “Taking the city back!”DSC03845 “I love book shops – Good one here”DSC03850 “That’s what they call park in London”DSC03852 “That’s what I call a nice lawn”DSC03857 “Wonderful wall paintings”DSC03871 “Tow of War”DSC03873 “Finally, collecting street credibility – I was there!”DSC03881 “Sammy and Stonehenge”DSC03900 “Laurin and the Tiki-Bar”DSC03920 “Sammy re-designing his albums”DSC03922 “Tiki-Taka by Zeki Min”DSC03926 “Ben and Sammy trying to find the right rhythm”DSC03941 “Joe Tilston from Random Hand also played some songs”DSC03952 “She was shy, but she was there”DSC03954 “Lapdog for Sammy”DSC03962


“Professionally making faces”DSC04013 “And another one”DSC04025 “You have no idea who you are talking to, right?DSC04028 “Magic food at the Magic Cafe”DSC04032“Magical concert”
DSC04038 “Jesus was there”DSC04046 “Cell phones in a vinyl store”DSC04075 “Get Cape, Wear Cape, FLY!”DSC04080 “Boooooooooooks, in there!”DSC04101 “We are in England”DSC04112





DSC04271 “Paper ceramics”DSC04278

“The stare”DSC04318 “One step closer, you’re dead, nah, just kidding”DSC04323 “In between”DSC04325

DSC04349 “Copenhagen socks!”DSC04361 “Queueing for food”DSC04363 “Unholy merch table”DSC04364 “Terrafraid livish”DSC04391


“Friends”DSC04402 “Balls”DSC04406The next show coming up is the record release party at the Edelweiss in Berlin’s infamous Görlitzer Park on the 06.06.2014.

It’s gonna be a very special show with very special guests but more on that topic later!

Thank you so much for coming to my website!

– Zeki Min


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