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Denmaaaark – Copenhagen to Aalborg

Tourist tip no. 1:
Lose your city map!

The canvas for Denmark is not empty at all,
As I’ve been here before,
There are mighty midgets and Stars burning stripes.
Let’s see what will be added to this already colorful painting.


Yet, all is grey still,

Because the rain followed me from Bremen to Copenhagen,
And still people are smiling,
And still people are cycling,
And smiling while they are cycling.


Wow, these are the bike lanes?
I can’t believe it,

You’re joking, right?
They’re as wide as the the ones for pedestrians in Berlin,
And bike lanes, we hardly have.


Kids playing on Sunken ships and crashed airplanes,
And even the passed at the cemetery in norrebro,

They seem to be smiling,
As the young and old sit beneath their feet,

And though their lives ended,
They still seem to have a part in the lives of the people walking or cycling by,

I say “Hello”.


My pace increases as I leave the cemetery,
But it’s still way lower than in Berlin,
People seem to enjoy life, they work until 6,
And then they play!

To say at least something negative,
Public transportation is expensive and it’s dying out,
That’s because everyone uses the bicycle to make their way around town.


It’s sad to leave this city behind, as it’s just so wonderful here.

I wasn’t able to see that much of Aalborg but it seemed beautiful as well. Yet in a totally different way, I would say. I’d like to say Hello and thank you to Troels for showing me a bit his city! 

A big hug and thank you to Linn, Leo, Lasse and Nhede (sorry, if I misspelt the name!), Phillipp, Troels (DIYMCA), Andreas and Chris, Bodega 54, all voluntary helpers at the 1000 Fryd, Bird Eats Baby, Geoff Berner and Band and Emilie!!!! Thank you so, so much!!!


– Zeki Min


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