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Swindon And The Way Home



Behave at the bee hive,
But it’s quite easy,
As every person here is so damn friendly.

We’re in Swindon,
Ceri, Paj, Plummie and Andy,
It’s been a long year,
Great to see you again.

SAMSUNG Touring,
For fun I do it,
For the love of music,
But that’s just one piece,
Meeting old friends,
And of course making new,
Is making me get up and and get out,
Again and again.

SAMSUNG Rachel, thank you for the meal,
And for hanging out with us,
We’d loved to have stayed,
But we were a little afraid,
That I might be late,
Missing my early morning flight.

DSC04206 Thanks to Sammy, I’m catching the flight,
Thanks to Sammy, I’m still alive,
You are my seventeen-tool swiss army knife,
But really,
thank you so much my friend,
It’s been a great few days,
Next week in Berlin,
I’ll see you again.

DSC04233And now my stomach feels weird,
Waiting here on my delayed flight,
I’m heading home,
Which is not, never has been, never will be a place,
But only you,


Thank you Rachel and Andy, and everyone who came to the Bee-Hive for spending a wonderful Easter Sunday with us!

Sammy, I’ll probably never be able to make up for all you’ve done for me,
But I’ll try hard in summer.

– Zeki Min


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