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Oxford – A Beautiful Village


Up the street,
Down the street,
This town’s a village,
And I love it already!
Bricks and bricks and even more bricks, Christian bookshops,
Where I spent no money,

Students are taking over,
They are the blood running through the city’s veins.


The Magic Cafe,
A gorgeous place,
Vegetarian food at its best,
Hope to be back some day.


By the way,
it’s record store day,
Can’t buy any records as the bag is full,
But the Truck Store is one of England’s finest,
And the sun’s rays and the music being played,
Collaborate wonderfully, Making this a memorable stay.

Tonight, a new show being added,
It’s at the Half Moon right down the street,
Come by,
We’ll definitely be there!

Thank you Deki and Karis!


“When everything’s collapsing, trust the kids!”


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