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Plymouth – Our Home For Today


Oh, I needed the sleep,
And got what I needed,
Sam’s sofa is as comfy as the green grass in the park at Walthamstow Central,
And here I lie,
Don’t sleep, don’t sleep,
All your belongings are this backpack,
And so I don’t sleep.

Change of plans,
Not in London tonight,
But in Plymouth,
Not at the Dublin Casshole,
But at the Tiki Bar in Plymouth.
It’s Santana over Sammy and me,
we never stood a chance, really.

Goodbye London,
See you again on Monday.

Before London spits you out,
It chews you for a while,
The holiday traffic is as tough as a durable, well-done steak.

First talks, first stories, And Sammy’s got loads,
In his pockets, in his bags,
He could fill some of these super big English lorries.

Stonehenge? Stonehenge! Stonehenge!!
First we see the metal sign,
Then we see … It!
It’s bigger than the sign, And yet, it’s small,
And by the blink of an eye,
It’s already gone.
We turn heads,
But man, that was Stonehenge!!

Burger King, Starbucks, Kfc,
There’s not much English left at the motorway services.

Plymouth welcomes us with the warmest welcome,
The Tiki Bar, Ben and Lauren,
Pizza, beer and fresh tab water,
Reminds me of Austria in the best sense,
The night’s gonna be long,
Plymouth, our home for today!


Thank you Sammy, for taking care of everything.
Thank you Ben, for being such a goddamn cool person!

– Zeki Min

“When everything’s collapsing, trust the kids!”


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