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London Is Taking Me In


I am flying, I am actually flying!
It’s not my first time, but it’s the first time for Taylorina, my guitar.
And she smiles a childish smile as we leave common ground. 
The morning myst is still hanging over the roofs of my hometown,
but up here, it’s all so clear!
And though I am looking forward to the adventures in my way,
I am happy to know that all I left here,
will be here still, when I return.

I love you, Julia!

I take a look at my watch while the train for London Liverpool Street is taking me in.
I gained one hour, for the next six days at least.

May I use it well.

I dive into London and I swim,
or better,
I float.
Where the stream goes that’s where I am going. It turns left, I’m turning left,
it turns right, I’m turning right.
However, everything’s the other way round
but the swarm is saving me from getting lost. Really lost.

I am looking for a safe haven, for the beauty of the city, I have no eye, yet.

Taylorina is tired and so am I.
She stays at Sam’s and I head for the city,
this time myeyes, ears and mind are open like a fully functioning parachute.


A banana and a bottle of water,
breakfast for travellers,
I head for the Brick Lane.
Berlin, London, London, Berlin, I like you both, but not for your friendliness and humility.

The sun thins behind the hamster cages,
while the football court is plunged in deep red.
Children are dancing around a ball,
the teams impossible to make out,
for a bystander.

Everyone wins!

Thank you, Sam!

– Zeki Min

“When everything’s collapsing, trust the kids!”


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