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Keep Calm And Fly To London

Dear Reader,

Tomorrow I am off to London to play the following shows:

17.04.14 London – Dublin Castle

19.04.14 Oxford – The Magic Café (show starts at 1 pm)

20.04.14 Swindon – Beehive

I’ll be playing these shows with Sammy H. Stevens. Please check him out here:

Though I am getting daily emails from ryanair about their changing everything for the worse about their cabin baggage restrictions and all, I am totally looking forward to the trip. From my last trip I know I could probably never live in London, however it’s a great city and definitely worth a trip. I am also happy about going back to Swindon. Hope to meet Ceri, Plummie and the rest of the crew again!

Here are two photos from last year:

I rented a car in Camden

Camera 360 Last year we played the Dublin Castle with the Driftwood Fairytales, here are Benni and Makke not daring to get inCamera 360By the way, the video is filmed by now. Still, there is a lot of cutting to do. I hope to be able to be presenting it in May.

Goodbye Germany, hello UK!!

– Zeki Min


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