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This Is DIY – Preparing For The Video And England

Dear Reader,

I am in preparation mode at the moment!

Firstly, I am about to fly to England to play some shows there. Thanks to my friends Rich and Sammy, I am playing the following gigs:

17.04.14 London – Dublin Castle

19.04.14 Oxford – The Magic Café (show starts at 1 pm)

20.04.14 Swindon – Beehive

You’ll also be able to find me in the streets of London or Oxford buskering. I am so looking forward to the trip!!!

Right now, I am doing some handicrafts, preparing some things for a video that I am filming this Sunday. Here are some photos showing what I am doing right now. Loki is taking care for me not to fall asleep…


DSC03816 DSC03817 DSC03818My holidays have just started and I am so not in the holiday mode, yet. So, I wish you a good night, I gotta go back to do some handicraft..

– Zeki Min



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