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Hameln And Berlin


Dear Reader,

These two days were so damn great! I was so incredibly tired and definitely not at my best, however I had a great time and I am so grateful for all the good things I’ve experienced!
When I got to Hameln I was greeted by beautiful people with happy hearts, a great-looking and well-filled Freiraum, a delicious chili sin carne and vegan cupcakes!! The sound coming from the loudspeakers was The Menzingers – Gates, which was the best song for a warm welcome.

DSC03672The Freiraum is an autonomous space in Hameln where good people with free hearts can live their ideas. It’s great to see such places still exist in Germany. You can feel the love and passion that’s flowing through the veins of this building right away. However, it’s a never-ending struggle to keep such places active and running. So, everyone who wants to take part in putting up concerts, bar-tending, cooking or helping or creating anything new and good is always welcome.

The “band” that played before me was North Alone from Osnabrück. Manuel’s Chuck Raganish voice filled the room and I think every person was quite impressed. Soku (I hope I spelt that right) is like a musical Swiss-Army knife playing the mandolin, melodica and last but not least, the violin. It was great watching him play, totally dedicated! You gotta love that! Later Soku even played “Sleeping On The Floor” with me. It was stunning to see him playing the song with me without having ever heard it before. So great to make your aqcuaintance, buddy!!!!

DSC03681After the show, we more or less directly drove to Laura’s and Tobi’s beautiful place. Here you can see a photo of Loki’s and my bed. I would like to thank each and every person for the great hospitality and all the help to make shows like these happen. It really means a world to me!!!

Early on the next day, I was back in Berlin for the video-shoot. I was tired and so were Rich and Hadl. However, we were so going to the SEKI MIN concert, which was later changed to the 3 ZEXY MEN. I don’t know who did that. Seriously, I swear!

DSC03685 DSC03688 DSC03689The concert with Rich and Hadl was damn fun. We also did a Ramones cover of a song that Rich has never played before!! It was great to have some of my former 7th graders (now in 10th grade) there as well!!
I would like to thank Flo and everyone from the Museum for letting us shoot the video there, Christian and Axel for all their efforts, Hadl and Rich for providing the greatest pleasure of playing the show with them and of course each and every person for coming out!

Concerning the video, there is some more gathering of ideas and filming to do before the movie is finished. However, we all try to be as quick as possible. You’ll be able to check back here for updates!

The next concerts I’ll be playing will be on British soil and I am so looking forward to those!!!

See you soon,

– Zeki Min


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